Importation, Distribution & Transporation of Petroleum Products

Ghana’s petroleum industry is divided into the upstream and downstream sectors. Upstream activities include the procurement and refining of crude oil by the nation’s only petroleum refinery, Tema Oil Refinery (TOR). Downstream activities include the marketing and distribution of petroleum products by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and the pre-mixing of petroleum products for other industrial uses. OMCs operating in Ghana are mainly multinationals; however, the last decade has seen an increase in the establishment of several small- to medium-scale local OMCs. Prices of petroleum products, which have steadily increased since 2003, are regulated by an independent board. The nation consumes significant volumes of petroleum products and importation of crude oil constitutes a significant portion of gross domestic product (GDP). At Grace Assist Ltd, we provide make sure your products reach you.

Offshore Services

We offer standard and customized solutions and products for the offshore and subsea market.As a proudly Ghanaian offshore services provider we aim to challenge both the established and more recent players in the market, to become the first choice for companies seeking offshore support services in Ghana. Our ongoing investment in our people and the local social environment in which we work sets us apart from our competition. Complying with all local content regulations we are passionate that the young Ghanaians we invest in, represent the future of our country. Our international connections, in-depth knowledge of the region and associates across West Africa mean we are perfectly placed to offer a first-class service for the Oil & Gas sector including high quality installation and production support services. Recognising the increasing sophistication of needs of the Oil & Gas market, OMA Offshore Services Ltd will ensure that high customer service standards are set at internationally recognised levels at all times.

Marketing & Sales of Petroleum Products

Once crude oil has been refined into transportation fuels, heating oil, lubricants and other products, it must be marketed and distributed to commercial and retail customers. In this course you will learn how refined products make their way to pipelines, terminals, service stations and other outlets where the profits are being made in this downstream sector of the industry, and the economics of the modern gasoline super-station.